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Extensive families of trimmer capacitors have been developed using air, glass, quartz, sapphire, and PTFE dielectrics for both low and high-voltage applications. Models can be specified with total capacitance as low as 1.2 pF or as high as 250 pF. Product is available in multi-turn as well as half-turn trimmers.

For many demanding RFID, medical, and cellular technologies applications, the J-Series is a proven performer delivering uncompromising stability. Voltronics has been offering these high-performance, high Q, half-turn trimmer capacitors for over two decades. In years prior, we offered the J-Series exclusively in United States, but through recent acquisition as the manufacturer, we now supply the entire line worldwide. For more information, see the Ceramic Chip Trimmer Capacitor product selection guide, or specify "Half Turn" below in the "Select Trimmer Type" option box. We offer direct-cross replacements for Sanshin part numbers and engineering kits for all our J-Series components.

Most of our trimmers are internally sealed so that they withstand immersion in flux and solvents without leaking. Most of our non-magnetic trimmers have been used and tuned at temperatures as low as 4° K. Many of our selection of trimmers have been developed for specific customer needs – let us design a high performance trimmer for your application.

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