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Voltronics Corporation was founded in 1963 with the concept of designing a non-rotation glass trimmer capacitor that could exceed the specifications of rotation models.  This design proved successful and resulted in trimmers that can withstand high vibration environments, have screws that do not move in and out and have tuning linearity of less than ±1%.  From glass dielectrics, we expanded this technology to include air, sapphire and PTFE materials.

In response to customer demands, we added a line of microwave tuners which focus on specific engineering requirements such as non-standard sizes or configurations. We also added a line of half-turn ceramic trimmers to meet the needs of customers for stable but low cost parts for consumer applications.

Over the last decade, we responded to the needs of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) industry to offer a complete package of non-magnetic products for coil designers. These include: non-magnetic trimmer capacitors, chip capacitors, coils, baluns, diodes and connectors.

Our catalog has always been more of a capabilities brochure than a list of product offerings. Our primary focus is on designing the parts that meet specific customer requirements and then always standing behind these products by meeting our delivery and quality commitments.


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