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The ICE4003 is a dual channel filter that provides two independent UHF TX/RX channels in a single package. Each channel can operate autonomously into a dedicated antenna or both channels can be combined into a single antenna. Furthermore, the combiner used in the ICE4003 is capable of combining any combination of TX/RX signals while minimizing path loss. Currently, supported radios include the ARC-225 and ARC-210. The ICE4003 is designed with a flexible interface to support future radio requirements, such as JTRS. A mounting tray is available as an option for easy incorporation on your platform. Cost-effective modifications are available on the ICE4003. Please contact your sales representative at 513.870.9060 or Support@PoleZero.com for details.

  • Specifications
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Part Number: ICE4003-2TR-225-400
Operation: Dual channel Tx & Rx filter/amplifier
Frequency Coverage: 225 to 400 MHz (2 Channels)
Receive Gain (Typ): 1.0 to 5.0 dB
Receive Noise Figure (Typ): 10 dB*
Receive Input IP3: +55 dBm @ 4 & 8 MHz offset
Transmit RF Output Power 25 W per channel
Selectiivity (Typ):  Transmit or Receive:
- 8 dBc @ ±1.0 MHz
-40 dBc @ ±2.0 MHz
-60 dBc @ ±3.0 MHz
Harmonics (Typ):  -70 dBc (2nd harmonic)
-105 dBc (3rd harmonic)
 -90 dBc (others)
Spurious Signals: -85 dBm/Hz @ ±4 MHz
-75 dBm/Hz @ ±25 MHz
Tuning Speed: 200 µS
Power: 115 VAC, 400 Hz @ 6.3 A
Operating Temperature Range: 0° to +40°C
Size (in./mm.): 8.3 x 11.3 x 20  /  211 x 287 x 505
Weight: 71 lbs. / 32.2 kg

*Performance varies around guard band (243 MHz).

Data is believed to be accurate. All data is subject to change without notice.