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The ICE3009 subsystem is an agile filter for the VHF-L, VHF-H and UHF frequency bands. It allows operation of a number of transceivers in a cosite environment. The VHF/UHF Filter provides multiple poles of RF selectivity to reduce broadband noise in transmit mode of operation and to reduce interfering signals at the transceiver's RF input in receive mode at Have Quick II/IIa and SATURN tuning speeds. This design incorporates a flexible control scheme that can be configured at the factory for various radio interfaces (ARC-210, ARC-231, ARINC 429, etc.). The design is highly integrated and includes all filters, amplifiers, power supply, transmit and receive switching (including a bypass mode), and Built-in-Test (BIT). A mounting tray is available as an option for easy incorporation on your platform. This system is qualified for military applications. Cost-effective modifications are available on the ICE3009. Please contact your sales representative at 513.870.9060 or Support@PoleZero.com for details.

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Part Number: ICE3009-TR-108-400
Operation: Half duplex transmit and receive
Frequency Coverage: 30-88 MHz (VHFL)
108-174 MHz (VHFH)
225-400 MHz (UHF)
Receive Gain (Typ): 5.0 to 10.0 dB
Receive Noise Figure (Typ): 9.0 dB
Receive Input IP3: +52 dBm @ 5 & 10% offset
Transmit RF Output Power: 20 W (AM) to 100 W (FM) 
depending on frequency band configuration
Selectivity (Typ): -35 dB @ >±3.0%
-55 dB @ >±5.0%
Broadband Noise: -140 dBm/Hz@>5.0%
Harmonics (Typ): -70 dBc (2nd , 3rd harmonic)
-80 dBc (others)
Spurious: Receive:
<-90 dBm (>3%)
-80 dBc min. per MIL-STD 461E
Tuning Speed: UHF:    <50 μS
VHFH:   <100 μS
Power: +28VDC Input
TX:    386 W
RX:   125 W
Bypass: 80 W
Weight: 20 lbs. / 9.07 kg
Operating Temperature Range: -20° to +55°C
Size (in./mm.): 6 x 7 x 15.7 / 152 x 178 x 398

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