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The ICE3007 is an agile filter for the SATCOM frequency band and is factory configured for an ARC-210 interface. The ICE3007 provides multiple poles of selectivity to reduce broadband noise and spurious signals from propagating to the antenna. The ICE3007 is cooled by an internal fan that draws ambient air. Cost-effective modifications are available on the ICE3007. Please contact your sales representative at 513.870.9060 or Support@PoleZero.com for details.

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Part Number: ICE3007-T-292-318
Operation: Transmit filter/amplifier
Frequency Coverage: 292- 318 MHz
Transmit Output Power: 30-42 dB in 2 dB steps, 43.6 dBm max
Selectivity: -65 dB @ ± 4MHz
-75 dB @ >±5MHz
Harmonics: -60 dBc (2nd, 3rd harmonic)
Tuning Speed: 100 μS
Transmit Noise Floor: -140 dBm/Hz @ ± 4 MHz
Power: 28 VDC Input, 8 A max.
Weight:  18.5lbs. / 8.3 kg
Operating Temperature Range: -20° to +55°C
Size (in./mm.): 5.5 x 5.5 x 20 / 140 x 140 x 508

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