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Pole/Zero and Delcross Technologies Partner
Pole/Zero and Delcross Technologies Partner for First Time Success in Fielding Radio Communications Systems.
Pole/Zero Corporation and Delcross Technologies are excited to announce a partnership to offer our customers a “turnkey” source for solutions to the challenges of antenna placement optimization and RF cosite interference mitigation in shipboard, airborne and vehicular applications.

Delcross Technologies is a recognized industry leader in simulating installed antenna patterns and antenna-to-antenna coupling characteristics on complex military platforms. In conjunction with Pole/Zero’s state of the art, RF cosite interference analysis software and mitigation equipment, the Pole/Zero and Delcross Technologies team will afford developers of new or upgraded radio communications platforms, first-time success in fielding these systems.

Mr. Larry Ochs, Vice President and General Manager of Pole/Zero, remarks that “ many times we have seen system integrators make assumptions on installed antenna patterns, antenna to antenna isolation characteristics and radio interference vulnerabilities in the early stages of development programs only to realize poor communications ranges due to cosite interference as the system nears fielding. Realization and correction of these issues at this late stage has often delayed platform deliveries at significant cost and impact to both the prime integrator and the warfighter. Our synergistic relationship with Delcross Technologies will preclude these late-stage surprises!”

For information on these services, please call Tim Harrington at 513-870-4076.