Pole/Zero's digitally tuned bandpass and notch filter tuning ranges are based on popular communication bands covering 1.5MHz to 3GHz and are available with 3dB bandwidths from 1.8 to 20%. 

Visit the Filter Selection Guide to find the filter optimized for your application.


For the system engineer with the challenge of enhancing a modern transceiver's performance in a cosite environment, Pole/Zero offers our Integrated Cosite Equipment (ICE).  This equipment will directly interface with your transceiver to provide the required cosite interference mitigation, even under fast frequency hopping applications.

New Cosite Analysis

Pole/Zero offers a Cosite Analysis and Integration service to our customers to determine the level of cosite interference mitigation required for a specific communications application.  The goal of this analysis is to properly match the amount of mitigation required to meet the system's concept of operations and ensure full communications range at minimum cost.


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