BSC Filters
BSC Diplexers

BSC Filters' Diplexers and Multiplexer ranges use several design structures.

The range extends from Lumped Element Diplexers at 300MHz through to 60GHz devices based on BSC Filters' Exact Filter Technology.


Our design experience and in-house production facilities have allowed us to construct Diplexers with near contiguous passbands meeting the most demanding technical requirements.


BSC Filters' Multiplexer Technologies

  • Waveguide
  • Suspended Substrate
  • Lumped Element
  • Cavity
  • Combline
  • Interdigital

Typical Performance Indicators

38GHz Diplexer - Transmission
38GHz Diplexer - Return Loss

(The graphs showing Transmission and Return Loss give some indication of the benefits of using Exact Filter Technology (low Insertion Loss) and High Isolation with excellent symmetry).

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